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“Fill your life with unique experiences”

Years ago, I left the legal profession to dedicate myself to my family and to teaching in different countries. That combination has made me see the world from different points of view.  


When I look back and think about my childhood and teenage, my best memories are the experiences I lived intensely with my family and friends. I remember some parties as if they were yesterday. This is what I want to offer you. Unique and unforgettable experiences,  unrepeatable smiles and eyes full of surprise and joy.

Lia Camacho

Co-Founder & Creative Director

"Todays fun are tomorrow's memories"

After having worked for the best magazines in the world as a fashion stylist and owning a fashion company in Spain, Carmela Rosso, Teepees of Serendipity is another way to develop my creativity.


I believe that the best gift that I can be given to a child is a beautiful experience beyond material things. The treasures that we keep in our memory are the good times spent with the people we love the most. That is why I have embarked on this project with such enthusiasm, to offer children unrepeatable experiences that they will never forget.

Cuca Jaramillo

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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