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Once upon a time

Aktualisiert: 5. Jan. 2021

Many people who know us have asked us how we started Teepees oF Serendipity. Two full time mothers with their part time jobs where do they find the time to cut wood, sew fabrics and organize parties?

If you want to, you can. If there is no time, make it.

It all started during the Covid19 pandemic when our children wanted to sleepover with friends constantly. Without almost leaving the house we had to think of something to entertain them, to entertain us and also to keep a good family vibe. We got down to business and went to a local lumberyard. When we were talking to Mr.X he thought we were going to set up a daycare, it was fun to go and see him. Many times the language played a trick on us but that's another chapter to tell, very funny.

With a machine we borrowed we started to make the holes in our own balcony. There are still wood shavings all over it, we made a complete mess! The whole family helped, the children sanded, the husbands also gave us advice… How good it was that they were homeoffice, and I think they enjoyed creating the tepees as much as we did.

Then came the fabrics. One day we will upload the photo of the sewing machine with which we started our story, but we still don't have enough confidence to do it.... We had to borrow a good machine. It was non stop and as we went on we got more and more excited.

Soon the shops began to open and we travelled all over Switzerland in search of special decoration, fabrics, lights... As you can see it is a job entirely made with our hands with local products and of that we are super proud. No one could leave the country and no one could send from outside.

100% Swiss made. 100% hand made. 100% Teepees of Serendipity

Lia Camacho - November 2020

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